The Joy of Content Server

Hello, my name is Reiner Merz.

This is the home page of my new blog, the Joy of Content Server. I want to talk about programming and configuration issues of OpenText’s flagship, the Content Server. I have a lot of fun working with that server and I want you to share that fun with me.

Actually, I am doing projects worldwide in the Content Server area and also Trainings (Programming, Administration, Configuration, Use and Bootcamps for the Versions 9.7.1, 10, 10.5 and 16) for Opentext as external trainer.

I am based in Stuttgart, Germany and I am open for project-assistance. If you need assistance, pls feel free to ask for a quote. Inquiries can be send to my email address merz at

You’ll find the blog on the menu or by clicking here.

Have a lot of fun in the wonderful world of Content Server.


Using handlebars to setup a select box in CSUI

Look at the standard problem: Your handlebars template contains a Selectbox to display a the status of a task: <select name=”status” id=”Status” class=”binf-selectpicker” data-style=”binf-btn-warning”> <select name=”status” id=”Status” class=”binf-selectpicker” data-style=”binf-btn-warning”> {{#select status}} <option value=”0″ selected=””>Pending</option> <option value=”1″>In Process</option> <option value=”2″>Issue</option> <option value=”3″>On Hold</option> <option value=”-1″>Completed</option> <option value=”-2″>Cancelled </option> {{/select}} </select> And the values you receive from …

Technical Training “How to program a Widget in the new Content Server GUI” with the CSUI SDK

Hi folks Beeing Content Server Trainer, I was asked to provide a training “How to program a Widget for the new Content Server GUI” to several customers. This is about the content of such a training and the reason why such a training is technically really advanced. CSUI SDK introduces a shift in paradigma, the …


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