xECM Overview for Architects and Developers Training

Looking for a xECM overview for Architects and Developers? Without those colorful Powerpoint foils for Managers?

One to max 2 days?

Even with a live xECM integration to see?

Here we have such a training. Lets look at the agenda:

  • Short Recap: Content Server Basics needed for xECM
    • Description of Connected Workspaces, Setup with Categories, Classifications and Document Templates
      • explains the Content Server toolset used for a successful xECM integration from an overview point. More deep dive is in Chapter 4.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • What is xECM?
      • Whats behind the xECM (extended ECM) Buzzword. Where are the benefits.
    • xECM unleashed: See xECM live/on Video with Salesforce, SAP and Sharepoint.
      • See a highly integrated xECM (SAP/Salesforce/Sharepoint and Content Server) system live of (if no internet connection avaliable) on a HD video. Discover the true benefits of xECM.
  • Chapter 2: Concepts and Scenarios
    • Scenarios for xECM, from basic connectivity to complete integration
      • The real implementation depends on the situation and whats to do. xECM does not need everything to implement. All possible scenarios are discussed.
  • Chapter 3: Business Application and Implementation
    • Implementation. Java API for Service Provider Interface.
    • Whats to implement on the leading application side.
  • Chapter 4: Content Server Configuration
    • How to configure the Content Server for xECM. Building Connected Workspaces etc
      • Dive deeper in the necessary Content Server configuration.


This gives an overview of xECM and the possibilities of the implementation. (Disclaimer: If you are interested in the xECM for SAP, there is a much deeper training on how to configure and how to use the SAP/xECM connection)

if interested, send me a e-mail at merz (at) ebit-company.de