Adding a Bootstrap Menu in a smartUI Webreport or HTML widget

Inside the webreport html widget there used to be the opportunity to use plain html for menu or other purposes. Since 16.2.4 there is a new widget in town, a plain html widget without the need of an webreport license.

In both cases, you have to think of the new namespace (“binf”) on using bootstrap.

Take a bootstrap menu for example.

This is an example of a plain bootstrap menu

The plain bootstrap code wont work, because OpenText added the prefix “binf” to introduce a special namespace.

Change the plain code by adding these “binf” prefixes:

<nav class="binf-navbar binf-navbar-default" role="navigation">
 <div class="binf-navbar-header">
 <a class="binf-navbar-brand" href="#" >Committee Menu</a>
 <ul class="binf-nav binf-navbar-nav">
 <li><a href="#" ;alert(s);">Committee News</a></li>
 <li><a href="#">Member List</a></li>
 <li class="binf-dropdown">
 <a href="#" class="binf-dropdown-toggle" data-binf-toggle="dropdown">
 <b class="binf-caret"></b>
 <ul class="binf-dropdown-menu">
 <li href="#">List Documents</li>
 <li href="#">Notify users</li>

Please do not forget to change the “data-toggle” also to “data-binf-toggle”.