The Joy of Content Server

Hello, my Name is Reiner Merz.

This is the home page of my blog, the Joy of Content Server. I want to talk about programming and configuration issues of OpenText’s flagship, the Content Server. I have a lot of fun working with that server and I want you to share that fun with me. ALso some noew and hopefully interesting facts about the new Art of smartUI Programming is added-

Actually, I am doing projects worldwide in the Content Server area (specially smartUI) and also Trainings (Programming, Administration, Configuration, Use and smartUI) for Opentext as external trainer.

I am based in Stuttgart, Germany and I am open for project-assistance. If you need assistance, pls feel free to ask for a quote. Inquiries can be send to my email address merz at

You’ll find the blog on the menu or by clicking here.

Have a lot of fun in the wonderful world of Content Server.


New in 21.1: Dynamic Security Clearance Level Part 1

Good news for security concerned organisations. Finally, its possible to assign different Security Clearance Levels for different organizational conditions, such as devices logged in or network used to login. Let me explain this using an example. A company manager called John Doe is regularily working with secret and top secret docs. Therefore he is assigned …


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