openNLP Installation

Here is the openNLP Installation of the free natural language Toolkit for Java and the Content Server.



Setting the classpath

Install on Eclipse

Installing the models

openNLP 1.5 models

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openNLP Installation

The homepage of openNLP is

Let’s download openNLP. Go to “Download” and “OpenNLP Releases”

at the top menu and you’see the latest version is as os today) version 2.3.2

openNLP Installation

You have either the option to download a .tar-gz file or a .zip file.

Download the appropriate file dependijng on your OS and tools.

After downloading the OpenNLP library, you need to set its path to the bin directory. Assume that you have downloaded the OpenNLP library to a drive of your system.

Setting the classpath

After downloading the OpenNLP library, you have to set its path to the bin directory. This here is the way to set it for Windows:

  • Step 1 − Klick on Properties on Windows 11. Select the System-Info tab. On other OS, set the path with appropriate tools
  • Step 2 − Click on the ‘Environment Variables’ button under the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Step 3 − Select the path variable and click the Edit button
  • Step 4 − In the Edit Environment Variable window, click the New button and add the path for OpenNLP directory <your-drive>\apache-opennlp-2.3.2\bin and click the OK button
openNLP Installation

Install on Eclipse

Setting Build Path

Create a new project on Eclipse with at least Java-SE17 or later

After creating a new project, right-click on it, select Build Path and click Configure Build Path.

openNLP Installation

A comple of jars need to be added

openNLP Installation

at least the  opennlp-tools-2 .3.2.jar and opennlp-uima-2.3.2.jar located in the lib folder of apache-opennlp-2.3.2 folder, but you can add all jars.

The openNLP Installation is finished, but you need some models.

Installing the models

Back on the homepage, select “Download” again. then “OpenNLP Models”.

There are a couple of pretrained models

The languages supported are French, German, English, Italian and Netherlands. (Compare those with the languages supported on Spacy in an upcomping report)

openNLP 1.5 models

There are also a comput of models for openNLP 1.5 on SourceForge which can also be used. The link is on the bottom of the “Models Download” page and is

Here, these pretrained models are

The languages are Danish, German, english, Spanish, Netherlandish, Polish and Swedish.