Changing the Business Workspace Display in SAP

Have you ever been wondering how to switch the Display of an Business Workspace displayed in xECM from the SAP GOS Menu?

Prefer the old display or the smart UI display?

The old Display of a Business Workspace

This is a Business Workspace displayed in the standard non-graphic form

This is a Business Workspace displayed using smartUI

Switching is easy.

Logon into your SAP System as Administrator. Start Transaction SPRO and click on the IMG Button.

The Display IMG Menu with the “Maintain Business Object Declaration” Task

Start the “Maintain Business Object Declaration” Task by clicking on the “Start” Icon. Select the Business Object you want to change. Here in this example is “KNA1” (Vendor).

If there is no checkmark at “Use Widgets for UI” then you’ll see the old display of the Business Workspace, if there is a checkmark, then the Business Workspace is displayed in smartUI.

Simple set or unset this checkmark.

Save. Update the tables.

Then you are done! The Display changes according to your setup.

You can also set this checkmark while creating new Business Object Declarations.