openNLP vs Spacy for Contentserver

openNLP vs Spacy for Contentserver is the first part of a comparism between this two AI NLP packages in the Content Server environment.

openNLP vs Spacy for Contentserver Part 2

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openNLP vs Spacy for Contentserver Part 1

Programming-LanguageJava, at least  JDK 17Python at least 3.1, Python Environment must be installed, like
Connect to the Content ServerJVM inside of the Content Server or REST APIREST API, restricted use with Content Server
Open DocumentsApache TIKA as frontend processorApache TIKA as frontend processor, REST or batch connection
Supported Languages (ISO Language Codes)fr, de, en, it, nl,da, es, pt,se as pretrained models
ca,zh, hr, da, nl, en, fi, fr, de, el, it, ja, ko, lt, mk, nb, pl, pt, ro, ru, sl, es, sv, uk, af, sq, am, grc, ar, eu, bn, bg, cs, et, fo, gu, he, hi, hu, is, id, ga, hn, ki, la, lv, lij, dsb, lg, ms, ml, mr, ne, nn, fa, sa, sr , tn, si, sk, tl, ta, tt, te, hh, ti, tr, hsb, ur, vi, yo as pretrained models
Trainable Languagesyesyes
Word Vectorsexperimentalin large models supported