smartUI SDK additional Libraries

There are a few additional libraries in smartUI, which are distributed in any content server installation. Therefore its not necessary, to instatt the libraries, just use them. We discuss several libraries also in the smartUI base and advanced trainings.

These are

  • alpacca.js
    A library to develop and use JSON based forms. Supported by Content Server RESTS calls
  • ally.js
    simplify certain accessibility features, functions and behaviors.
  • bililite.js
    Cross-Browser Text Ranges and Selection
  • ckeditor.js
    Configurable javascript RTF Editor
  • d3.js
    Data driven documents. A highly interactive library to draw interactive SVG graphics. Used to visualize data. The OpenText distribution contains
  • d3-selection
  • d3-array
  • d3-scale
  • d3-shape
  • d3-axis
  • d3-collection
  • d3-transition
  • d3-interpolate
  • d3-format
  • hammer.js
    Gestures in Webapps
  • less.js
    dynamic stylesheet language
  • moment.js
    Date Arithmetic in JS. Very useful with d3.
  • numeral.js
    Formatting and manipulating numbers
  • text.js
    AMD/Loader Plugin for loading text resources
  • jqueryui.js
    widget.js, position.js, data.js, disable-selection.js, focusable.js, form-reset-mixin.js,
    jquery-1-7.js, keycode.js, labels.js, scroll-parent.js, tabbable.js, unique-id.js, widgets/draggable.js, widgets/droppable.js, widgets/resizable.js,
    widgets/selectable.js, widgets/sortable.js, widgets/mouse.js, effect.js,
    effects/effect-blind.js, effects/effect-bounce.js, effects/effect-clip.js,
    effects/effect-drop.js, effects/effect-explode.js, effects/effect-fade.js, effects/effect-fold.js, effects/effect-highlight.js, effects/effect-puff.js, effects/effect-pulsate.js, effects/effect-scale.js, effects/effect-shake.js, effects/effect-size.js, effects/effect-slide.js, effects/effect-transfer.js