The smartUI Page Context

•The simplest context in smartUI is the Page Context, which can include and fetch models and collections, but does not provide any other functionality. If you use it with widgets, which expect changes based on their context-changing models, you will have to handle these changes yourself.

You can use the page context like this

 require(['csui/lib/jquery', '../page.context', 'csui/utils/contexts/factories/connector',
       'csui/utils/contexts/factories/user', './page.context.mock'
     ], function ($, PageContext, ConnectorFactory, UserModelFactory, PageContextMock) {
       var contentElement = $('body'),
           context = new PageContext(),
           connector = context.getObject(ConnectorFactory),
           currentUser = context.getModel(UserModelFactory);
           .text('Connected to the server ' + connector.connection.url)
           .done(function () {
                 .text('Current user is ' + currentUser.get('name'))

This results in